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Introducing SMRT® Casino 

It's a Game Changer.

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The SMRT® Approach

Smart Rota provide flexible, cloud based software for organising and managing staff schedules. If your business relies on different staff working different shifts, you’ll know how complex and time consuming it can be. With Smart Rota, you can manage scheduling much more efficiently and effectively - no matter how complicated your requirements might be.

Smarter Staff are Productive Staff

Happy workers are more productive and more invested in their jobs, and retaining good employees is key to business growth, so ensuring your staff are happy is essential.

Smart Rota software plans schedules far in advance, helps manage holiday and even takes into account employees’ shift preferences to give your staff a better work life balance.

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Smarter Managers Are Busy Growing the Business

Scheduling staff can eat up a huge amount of managers’ time, especially if you’re juggling personal preferences, industry requirements and specific skill sets.

With Smart Rota handling all that for you, your managerial staff no longer have to spend their time organising, they can focus on being leaders and increasing profits.

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A Smarter Business Benefits from Bespoke Software

Smart Rota is a highly flexible system, but every business works differently. When you adopt the Smart Rota cloud system, we’ll tailor it specifically to fit your company, giving you a bespoke system at an off-the-shelf price.

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SMRT® Casino

Running a casino business means you’ve got lots of different staff working complicated shift patterns. But Smart Casino can solve all your scheduling issues with its smart, flexible, cloud based solution, so you can focus on running your business, not managing staff rotas.

Always a Full House

Smart Casino can take the gamble out of your scheduling process. With its flexible cloud system, you can access the software at any time to keep track of your staff, and by planning far in advance, you know that all your requirements are met. Request a demonstration and see how easy it could be to manage your workforce with Smart Casino, including:

  • how to manage rotas far into the future
  • creating personalised settings for your company’s needs
  • setting individual employee skills and preferences
  • managing compliance
  • detailed reporting
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Coming Soon

SMRT® Hospitality

Coming soon from Smart Rota: Smart Hospitality, the very best way to manage staff for your hotel or hospitality business. When you need staff with different skill sets at different times throughout the day and night, managing your rotas can be a nightmare - but Smart Hospitality can turn that into a dream.

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