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The story of SMRT® ROTA

Looking to the future

How Smart Rota came to life

The most useful innovations come from finding solutions to problems. Smart Rota isn’t just an idea we came up with. It’s the result of experiencing and overcoming a real issue when I was a rotation manager. At the time, I was tasked with handling employee management for a company that was open 24/7, and so we continually had over 70 different shift rotation patterns to meet our business requirements.

The admin alone should have almost been a full time job, yet I was almost never seen in the back room. Well, I developed an extreme Excel spreadsheet that did it all for me. Automating my staff rota saved me hours every week and significantly improved my productivity. The downfalls were a lack of security and dynamic data protection, and that I couldn’t easily share it across multiple locations. We innovated this into Smart Rota, a professional and secured cloud-based Workforce Management software. Today we believe that Smart Rota is the future of employee management. It has been specifically designed to save businesses like yours time and money, delivering a return on investment and allowing mangers to invest in building their businesses.

Smart Rota Features and Benefits

Smart Rota is a cloud-based scheduling service that gives you total control over your staffing levels wherever you are. The flexibility of Smart Rota allows you to do much more than ensure the right employees are working at the right time, you can tailor it to meet your company’s individual requirements and even your employees’ individual preferences.

With Smart Rota ensuring your staff are always in the right place at the right time, you get back all that time wasted over scheduling, and can concentrate on growing your business.

Reducing Expenses

With Smart Rota handling the scheduling for you, you won’t need to worry about errors, overstaffing or understaffing. As your business requirements change, simply adjust your settings, and the system will ensure your policies are implemented.

Increasing Productivity

By recording each employee's skill set and preferences, you can make sure you've got the right staff in the right positions at all times.

Increasing Customer Services

Now Smart Rota is taking care of scheduling, your management team can focus on running the business instead of organising shifts.

Increasing Compliance

Smart Rota can take into account industry and government regulations, union rules and employment contracts so you know your staffing system is compliant.

Increasing Staff Morale

Smart Rota can take into account an employee’s preferred shifts when working out schedules, so you know you’re providing your staff with a much better work-life balance - and they know it too.