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Category: Leadership

How Bad Leadership Can Affect Your Team Posted by Smart Rota on 16th October 2018

Leading a team can be a demanding and life-changing responsibility. When stepping into the shoes of a manger or team leader, you have to be strong...Read More

Leading a Team in the Modern Age. Posted by Smart Rota on 22nd May 2018

Leaders need to adapt to the digital age of thought and working style and keep an eye on everything that is happening in their industry in this current era.Read More

How to Make a Comeback from Your Setback. Posted by Smart Rota on 17th March 2018

As a leader, in a powerful position, you are always set to fail. When you put yourself out there, you put yourself at risk. Risks sometimes pay off...Read More

To educate managers on how fitness can have a positive effect on leadership. Posted by Smart Rota on 26th February 2018

There are many great attributes that a leader needs to be successful in their position, such as fairness, an ability to control a workforce and ...Read More

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