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How Incompetency Can Affect a Good Team. Posted by Smart Rota on 1st May 2019

Incompetency is defined as not having enough ability to perform or carry out tasks, objectives or a job effectively.Read More

The Power of Delegation Posted by Smart Rota on 30th July 2018

Delegating can be a hard task as it’s taking some of the power away from you. When you’re used to everything running smoothly by your own methods...Read More

4 conflict resolution tips that can help strengthen your team Posted by Smart Rota on 16th June 2017

How do you deal with conflict? Do you watch on from the sidelines, trying to determine the right party to side with? Or do you intervene as soon as you...Read More

How to harness adversity to strengthen your team Posted by Smart Rota on 28th March 2017

One of the most interesting and challenging ways strengthen your team is to revisit how you approach periods of adversity.Read More

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