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How Bad Leadership Can Affect Your Team Posted by Smart Rota on 16th October 2018

Leading a team can be a demanding and life-changing responsibility. When stepping into the shoes of a manger or team leader, you have to be strong and know what you’re doing.

You have to be on top of or even ahead of your game. Leadership when done right can be one of the most rewarding experiences for you and your employees, but if done badly, can cause serious problems for you and your business.

How Does Bad Leadership Happen?

You may wonder how bad leadership happens. To get into such a position, the individual must have put their heart and soul to work their way up the ladder. However, some people get lazy, stuck into a routine and forget how hard they worked to be there. They may also not be ready or trained in managing a different group of people. Bad leadership could be catastrophic and even ruin your business.

Employee Turnover

People may not want to work for you. If you delegate power to an individual that doesn’t use their leadership positively, then this could affect your employee turnover. Staff who feel pressured, uncomfortable or overworked may leave and tell others about how bad their experience working for your company was. Thus, you’ll have no strong employees and maybe eventually, no staff and a bad reputation.

Loss of Money and Business

Having a bad leader is a waste of money and labour. If they’re lazy, not motivating staff and avoiding their duties, what’s the point in paying them? You could also be losing money from employees not wanting to come to work. If employees aren’t working to their full potential, then your business won’t be functioning as well as it could be. Therefore, you’re not only wasting money on paying people who aren’t doing their job accurately, but also losing money from potential work opportunities that have been lost because of the lack of motivation from staff or employee absences.

Lack of Communication

Bad leaders won’t listen to employees and maybe avoid communication altogether. This will make your staff feel devalued, unappreciated and ignored. Having a bad leader, could lower morale and productivity, meaning your employees will be less inspired to work and day-to-day tasks won’t be carried out. A team must work well together and co-ordinate their ideas in a safe and open environment and a leader must facilitate and promote this space.

Misdirected Goals

If a leader doesn’t have a clear direction or vision for their business, then they are likely to misconstrue the goals and objective of the company to the employees that work under them. If the manager doesn’t understand the direction they want the company to go, then how will any of the staff know where they’re going?

Toxic Environment

Bad leadership could cause the work environment to become toxic and unbearable. No one wants to stay, let alone work, in an atmosphere that poisons positivity and inspiration. Even those who weren’t originally affected by bad leadership, may become negatively influenced by other staff members who have been impacted by the damaging environment.

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