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Leading a Team in the Modern Age. Posted by Smart Rota on 22nd May 2018

Leaders need to adapt to the digital age of thought and working style and keep an eye on everything that is happening in their industry in this current era. The world is changing, and your leadership style and business have to change with it.

There are many challenges a leader could come across in the modern day working world, especially if an employer isn’t prepared for what 21st century employees, contemporary working styles and technology could throw at them.

Advance Your Leadership Style with Technology

Firstly, technology has developed and so should your attitude towards it. Always be looking for new ways to integrate the latest technology into the workplace and make sure you understand how your business works in relation to the digital age. Keep an eye on any new apps, platforms or technology that could benefit you, your company and your workforce. There’s a whole new world out there with lots of different devices and inventions that can make your working life a lot easier.

The younger generation want to improve and expand. It’s essential to always give employees the chance to train in new fields where they can or have opportunities to learn something new. There are many online courses that can be bought and offered during their employment to advance their career. Many companies offer their staff the chance to evolve and grow as the business does and allow employees to develop their knowledge. Opportunities like this are essential in the modern age as people are looking for how a company can benefit them, rather than how they could help a business.

Be the Best You Can

You have to be the best at your game and remember to be a good and fair leader and employer. The evolution of social media means your business has to be more transparent than ever.

If you’re a bad leader, you won’t just be impacting team members, you’ll be affecting the future of your business. Employees can leave reviews of their time during employment with a business on social platforms and recruitment sites, meaning that others may see exactly how you have treated your staff and refuse to come work for you. Bad reviews might also impact relationships with clients and other businesses. Social media also means people will see how you handle situations – you could be one video recording, one negative tweet or a Facebook post away from losing your job or witnessing the decline of your business. Always treat your employees professionally and fairly, because it’s not only HR that are watching, but the world.

Be the Leader That Everyone Needs

In the modern era, you have to adapt your working style and environment to suit individual differences. We now live in a world that has to cater for a variety of people and it can be hard to acknowledge specific differences in your staff’s work ethics and how and when they are most productive. As a leader, you must identify what each, individual employee needs to work efficiently and create a space they feel comfortable in. You must acknowledge that some people will handle situations differently to others and be ready for any new employees that begin at your company.

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