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Tips for Aspiring Hospitality Leaders Posted by Smart Rota on 20th May 2019

Leadership in the hospitality sector can be a daunting prospect. It takes a lot of hard work, long shifts, training and learning new skills to develop into ...Read More

How to Get Your Body Ready for Working Unsocial Hours. Posted by Smart Rota on 12th May 2019

Working in hospitality can have its pros and cons. Being an employee for a bar, a restaurant, a nightclub or a hotel can be a really flexible job...Read More

How Incompetency Can Affect a Good Team. Posted by Smart Rota on 1st May 2019

Incompetency is defined as not having enough ability to perform or carry out tasks, objectives or a job effectively.Read More

Age in the Workplace. Posted by Smart Rota on 29th April 2019

Diversity in the workplace helps ideas to flow, but age is one of the last potentially discriminating factors of a worker to be fully dealt with.Read More

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