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SMRT® Casino

It's a game changer

Key Features

Casinos are a 24/7/365 operation, making rotas and staff scheduling an ongoing headache for managers. Smart Casino takes all the stress and wasted time out of the process, with an easy to use cloud system that does all the calculations and organisation for you.

Perpetual rotation engine

All shift patterns set within the system will roll over time, once you’ve uploaded your settings and requirements the app does it all for you, and if requirements change, the system will adapt your rotas accordingly.

Intuitive Interface

Smart Casino is so easy to use, you’ll need minimal training to master it, and we provide unlimited customer service support for whenever you need us.

Staff Profiles

Assign skill sets to your staff and grade them from trainee to highly experienced, so you can make sure you’ve always got staff with the right skills and experience.


Make the most out of your staffing skills by defining headcounts and skills requirements on an hourly basis.


You can tailor the software to match your own pay codification and third party integration.

Break List

With a clearly defined break pattern, staff and managers can make sure everyone has the breaks they need.

A SMRT® Casino is a Flourishing Casino

For everything from organising break schedules, to ensuring you’ve got the right staff on the floor every minute of the day, Smart Casino is perfectly attuned to the needs of your casino.

With software that schedules shifts far into the future, you not only give your staff the security of being able to plan ahead, you’re also removing the need for constant re-working and re-organisation of your daily or weekly schedule.

With no more organising taking up their time, managers can step away from the spreadsheets and get back to more important leadership tasks, growing your business.

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