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The SMRT® Approach

A faster, more efficient way to manage your workforce

Smarter Staff

With Smart Rota your employees can directly interact with the software, helping identify availability and preferences. With better engagement and the ability to manage time off and shift swaps, your staff get a better work life balance, and happier workers work harder for you.

Easy access to their schedule and time sheets gives employees the chance to plan in advance.

Staff can see their allowance of days off up to one year in advance.

Gives staff the ability to see the availability of other staff when looking to book holidays, reducing conflicting holiday time and the need for extra cover.

Allow staff to swap shifts according to your system rules - so you can make sure only people with similar skills or levels of authority can trade shifts.

Set notifications to engage with staff over booking last minute holidays, shift changes and overtime.

Smarter Business

The cloud based system means you can access Smart Rota software without needing to download an app or install a program, just log in from any compliant browser with your secure details.

With a regular, per employee subscription fee there are no unexpected charges or expensive add-ons.

In no time at all, your Smart Rota system will be up and running, saving you time and money and quickly giving you a great ROI.

Smart Rota gives you guaranteed uptime of 99.9%, so you know it’s always going to be there when you need it.

Smart Rota is a registered data controller to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in the UK, ensuring data is protected at all times.

We keep to the highest technological safeguards, such as encrypted communications and operation processes, to keep your data secure.

ISO/IEC, 27018:2014, UK G-Cloud

ISO/IEC, 27001/27002:2013

With geo-redundant backup storage and point in time restoration, even should the worst happen, your data is protected.

Smarter Managers

You no longer need to spend time and energy compiling requests by phone and email, organising shifts on spreadsheets or paying out for cover staff and overtime. Smart Rota will handle it all, so you can focus on being a manager - not a facilitator.

Log in anytime, anywhere to easily manage workforce distribution and time occurrences in real time.

Make sure you’re meeting all domestic regulation and keeping to company policy by setting rules to manage your workforce, including:

  • Overtime limitation for night shift workers
  • Minimum rest time between shifts
  • Management of leave and absences
  • Lateness and overtime pay rules
  • Disciplinary triggering

Smart Rota can schedule and publish a balanced rota within minutes, leaving managers to get on with more important tasks.

With multiple level access, you can give managers access to key data for individuals, teams, departments and sites.

Third party integration. Make sure payroll is perfectly accurate by reviewing timecards and records for clocking in and out.

Get insight from your staff and precise HR metrics such as Absence Frequency rate, Separation Stability rate and much more for smart decision-making.

Manage notifications to all staff, groups and teams or individuals. Smart Rota also sends alerts to track outstanding employee issues and flag up potential problems.

Discover the first edition of our rota management software

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