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SMRT® Rota

It's a game changer

Key Features

Scheduling automation

The system distributes shifts to staff matching your business requirements in seconds.


Remote worker

Remote worker self-builds their schedule to better manage their work-life balance.

Contactless clock in

SMRT® Clock allows users to clock in or out without the need to touch the shared device or terminal.

Time card auto-validation

The system detects time cards with anomalies to be reviewed. Payroll integration.

Occurrence tracking

You can tailor the app to track specific occurrences and let the system grants holidays automatically.

Requests management

Create online requests to offer shift changes or additionnal working hours.

Do you know how much presenteeism is costing you?

For everything from organising staggering, schedules, breaks, holidays, T&A records and clock in to ensuring you’ve got the right staff every minute of the day, Smart rota is perfectly attuned to the needs of your business.

With software that schedules shifts far into the future, you not only give your staff the security of being able to plan ahead, you’re also removing the need for constant re-working and re-organisation of your daily or weekly schedule.

With no more organising taking up their time, managers can step away from the spreadsheets and get back to more important leadership tasks, growing your business.

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