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Save a shift* every week with Smart Rota's unique break management software.

Exclusively developed by Smart Rota, the digital break list is a fully automated break management tool designed to help casinos save even more time & money. And it comes with the added bonus of automatically generated data insights.

Available as an additional time-saving feature to the main Smart Rota scheduling app or as a standalone piece of software.

*Length of saving fluctuates depending on your set up.

Less stress, easy.

Watch & learn how the Smart Rota break list can help your Casino

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Dashboard managing staff shift patterns

Automate your break management process for a seamless customer experience & happier staff

Your casino might not take a break. But it's vital that your staff do.

Making sure your staff get the right breaks at the right times AND that you still have the correct skillsets across your gaming areas is so time consuming. Especially if you're trying to manage the process manually with pen & paper.

And having staff gathering together on the casino floor is the last thing you want your customers to see.

The solution? It's SMRT.

How Smart Rota's breakthrough software can help your casino:

Save the equivalent of up to an entire management shift every week

Save the equivalent of up to an entire management shift every week

Automatic break lists are generated based on specific skillsets & real-time business needs, saving hours of valuable management time every week.

No more staff gathering on the casino floor

No more staff gathering on the casino floor

Easy-access digital screens display up-to-date table positions so staff can quickly see where they're assigned and will no longer lose minutes of their break times (or cause disturbances on the floor!). 

A better all-round customer experience

A better all-round customer experience

With refreshed & productive staff and freed up management time, you'll be able to focus your attention where it's needed most - on your customers.

and... automatic break list data will drive your business

Trying to learn anything from pen & paper break lists is impossible. Smart Rota's NEW software makes it possible by automatically generating easy-to-read data, helping you to instantly identify how resource is being managed across every day, week, month or year.

This means you can:

  • 1. Support investigations promptly & more effectivelyMaintain the integrity of your gaming operation & support your staff with in-depth, verifiable data that will help you to build evidence quickly.
  • 2. Easily identify potential cost-savingsBreak list data will help you instantly identify where staff resources are being unnecessarily allocated so you can immediately work on beneficial cost-savings.
  • 3. Operate at competition-beating efficiency levelsBeing able to see who/what/where at the click of a button will give you peace of mind that operations are running smoothly, at top-rate efficiency.

Automatically generated break list data charts available in the app



Although the break list software is designed to run in auto mode. You'll always have the flexibility to switch to manual if you need to make specific amends to your break schedules.

One app. Multiple time-saving & flexible features. 

Add Smart Rota's break list software to the rota automation app and more than double your admin time-saving efforts.

The full rota app comes with these additional benefits:

Truly automated rota scheduling

Truly automated rota scheduling

Other "automated" solutions can't handle changing shift patterns. SMRT Rota's algorithms will deliver any shift rota patterns automatically, up to & over 1 year in advance

  Time & attendance software

  Time & attendance software

Contactless clock in out. Automatically manage holiday requests, shift swaps, overtime & more. Easily monitor absences & disciplinary procedures.

Real-time, 24/7 staff & business visibility

Real-time, 24/7 staff & business visibility

Your business doesn't stop, your planning software shouldn't either. Smart Rota will make sure you have exactly the right people in the right place at the right time. Every minute of every day.

Full API integration, simple, quick setup

Full API integration, simple, quick setup

Smart Rota seamlessly integrates with your existing HR & payroll platforms for a quick & easy setup. We'll take care of it all - for free.

Fully secure & legally compliant

Fully secure & legally compliant

GDPR compliant. Encrypted data D-DOS attack mitigation. Cloudfare integration. Access control. Daily back up. 7 days storage. Free restoration at request.

Simple pricing, no hidden costs

Simple pricing, no hidden costs

Straightforward pricing from £4.99 per user/month. Our pricing is bespoke to your business requirements with full training & support services included.

Simple, flexible pricing from £4.99

Bespoke pricing for every business, large or small

Break list only

Discover all the benefits of the automatic break list from a low starting price.

From £4.99 per user, per month

Introductory offer* Save 30% for the first 3 months

24/7 Smart Rota + break list

Drive maximum operational efficiency & enjoy a special price discount for the first 3 months when you sign up to the 24/7 Smart Rota app + break list.


From £10.49 per user, per month

*Offer available to new customers only. Offer ends 31/12/2021. Full price of £14.98 per user, per month starts on next monthly renewal date after first 90 days.

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